Gifts for Music Educators! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gifts for Music Educators! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

by Carrin Gliss Prints

Gifts for Music Educators

Teachers and educators have one of the most important jobs in the world! I admire the determination and stamina of all educators, but especially those who teach music. Growing up, my music teachers, band and choir directors inspired me to dig deep into my creativity and be bold enough to pursue an art. This short list of gifts is just small tokens of gratitude and in no way matches what educators give to their students. I encourage everyone to also write a letter to show your appreciation and/or donate/volunteer in their classrooms.

Ok, enough gushing... now on to the list.

Lord of the Chords Music Theory Card Game - $40

Lord of the Chords Card Game

I love game nights and miss them so much! This hilarious game is a fun, unique way to learn music theory. It made a killing on Kickstarter and the second funding round is available for pre-order right now. Click here to see the game creator explain how to play.

Magnetic Music Staff Dry-Erase Board - MusicEscapadesShoppe - Etsy -$35

Music Staff Dry Erase Board

Photo via MusicEscapadesShoppe

This little board is the perfect tool for Zoom music lessons! It also comes with 70 different magnets.

Piano Cheese Board - Toscana - Amazon - $39

Piano Cheese Board

Photo via Toscana

Music educators need themselves a wine and cheese night. This piano cheese board is adorable. Pair with a bottle of the following...

Silvestri Wine - $20 - $65

Silvestri Wine

Photo via Silvestri Wine

Alan Silvesti, prolific film composer, owns a namesake winery in Carmel Valley, California. Wine with music roots will make a great addition to nights of relaxation and decompression.

Black Piano Key Keychain - EmiliesMelodies - Etsy - $6

Black Piano Key Keychain

Photo via EmiliesMelodies

This simple keychain features a genuine black key. I love finding creative stuff like this on Etsy.

Sheet Music Flower Bouquet - BellaLunasFlowers - $16.50

Sheet Music Flower Bouquet

Photo via BellaLunasFlowers

A lot of people bring their teachers flowers, but this bouquet is forever!

Circle of Fifths Poster - $18 - $42


We started Gliss Prints with music educators in mind. We wanted to bring sleek but informative music theory posters into the classroom. Our Circle of Fifths Print is a fan favorite. Please check out our other music education posters too! Here's a promocode for 20% off one order as a thank-you for reading this post: giftguide2020

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