LA Phil x Gliss Prints Poster Set Collaboration

LA Phil x Gliss Prints Poster Set Collaboration

by Carrin Gliss Prints

I’m so excited to finally announce this collaboration! I designed a collection of prints to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the LA Philharmonic’s 23-24’ season! 

This collection honors the brilliant composers and iconic music featured in the current season, as well as the jaw-dropping architecture of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall. There was A LOT to be inspired by and I had a true creative flow when designing these prints.

Right now there are four different prints available at the LA Phil Store and on their website! I’ve linked them in my bio if you want to check them out.

-Igor Stavinsky’s Firebird

-John Adams’ City Noir

-Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold

-A Century of Film, a concert curated by John Williams and conducted by David Newman

This is truly a dream collaboration. When I started Gliss Prints, I believed in the concept of what I was creating, but working with an organization like the LA Phil seemed like a pipe dream. A huge thank you Andrea, Janice and Melissa at the LA Phil and everyone who has supported Gliss Prints.

If you’re an LA local, please stop by the LA Phil store in person. It’s a beautiful curation of music products.

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