Original Designs Only! A Note To Intellectual Property Thieves

Original Designs Only! A Note To Intellectual Property Thieves

by Carrin Gliss Prints

Every design you see on this site is original. No, of course I didn't make up music theory concepts like the circle of fifths or music modes, but their graphic representation is unique and completely my own. Unfortunately there have been instances of individuals (or individual) selling my designs, particularly the synthesizer waveforms,  without permission or license. I've contacted these sites to ask them to take it down. We'll see if they do. 

Ecommerce is a new journey for me and I'm learning along the way. I'm in the process of registering my designs with the U.S. Copyright Office and am looking in to what legal action would look like... not something I anticipated when I opened this store. 

A note to intellectual property thieves: sorry you're not creative enough to think of your own sellable concepts.

Linkbacks boost a website's ranking in search engine results, so I'm not going to link to the offenders, but I will leave a few screenshots here for your public shaming viewing pleasure. You can tell that they didn't even recreate my design, they took the image preview directly from my website and put it on theirs. Who knows what kind of file they'll use if/when they print an actual product.



Has this happened to any other ecommerce store owners out there? What did you do?

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