There has been a sickening wave of violent hate crimes against Asian Americans over the past year. Racist, xenophobic messages from certain world leaders have paved the way for assailants to blame all Asian Americans for the pandemic and then brutally attack us for it. Only the most depraved people carry out these attacks, but you do not have to be an assailant to enable racism. I don’t pretend to be an expert in solving social issues, but now is not the time to be silent. We can start with learning from each other’s experiences, holding ourselves accountable, and understanding the long history of racism against Asian Americans.

Here are just a few resources to start:

1. Try Guys: We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

This is an excellent documentary produced by Eugene Yang and the Try Guys. I love how they’re using their platform for activism! It gives great insight into the history of anti-Asian sentiments and what has led us to the ubiquitous attacks we are experiencing today.

2. NY TIMES: Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who Is Being Attacked Where

Take a look at this if you want to further understand the severity of today’s situation.

3. Asian Mental Health Collective

The constant news of hate crime after hate crime has left many with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. The Asian Mental Health Collective navigates the cultural hardships that Asian Americans face when seeking mental health help. 

4. Time Magazine: A ‘History of Exclusion, of Erasure, of Invisibility.’ Why the Asian-American Story Is Missing From Many U.S. Classrooms

This Time Magazine article examines the dangers of not teaching anti-Asian sentiments in classrooms.

5. Sign up for Bystander Intervention Training

What do you do when you see someone being attacked or verbally abused?

6. Report an incident via Stop AAPI Hate

Report an incident via Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Create to Stop Hate Auction

Create to Stop Hate

It won’t stop here! Representation is also a big missing piece of the puzzle, so I want to highlight more Asian American composers, musicians, creators in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

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