Face Masks for Musicians

Face Masks for Musicians

by Carrin Gliss Prints

Face Masks for Musicians

I remember around March of 2020, the gravity of the pandemic was overtaking the globe and it was apparent that we needed to protect ourselves and others by wearing a mask. I was definitely disappointed with the options of masks that were out there. Cut to now, the pandemic is unfortunately still in full force (in the US), but the masks options are brimming. I've scoured the internet to find a few that are stylish and functional for the musicians out there.


Keep yourself safe while playing your instrument! These masks have been designed to allow brass and woodwind players to play while wearing a mask.

Mask for musicians
Via MagicalMarketCrafts - Etsy  - $18
Mask for musician
Via Dance Sophisticates - $10


Here are a few music-themed masks. As you know, we tend to gravitate towards more minimal designs.

Klarinette Face Mask
Via Elena Sloman - Society 6 - $12
Music Note Face Mask
Via Formaliberum - Etsy - $9
Vinyl Record Face Mask
Via NMTDOT - Society6 - $12
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Piano face mask
Via DattarayLaneDesigns - Etsy - $9
Music face mask
Via SixOaksandCo - Etsy - $13.50


There are so many great masks out there. Send us your favorites! Please stay safe out there.

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