Gifts for Musicians! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gifts for Musicians! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

by Carrin Gliss Prints

Gift Guide for Musicians

This is for everyone who has a musician on their holiday gift list! We've scoured the internet for unique gifts for those who love to play their instrument. Gift guides for composers and music educators are coming soon!


These gifts will make fantastic additions to any practice room.

Wooden Music Stand

Wooden Music Stand

Photo via Shurpik Music - Etsy - $215

My jaw dropped when I found these unique, wooden music stands! They're designed to keep the sheet music at eye level, so the musician can maintain good posture. I love the mid-century style legs!

Music Stand Tray

Music Stand Tray

Photo via woodnstuffga - Etsy - $60

This music stand tray attaches to your existing stand. You can keep your reeds, a pencil, or even a glass of water within reach. It's felt-lined, which means it'll keep quiet during performances!

Soundbrenner Wearable Metronome

Soundbrenner wearable metronome

Photo via Soundbrenner - Wearable Metronome - $75 (On sale)

Metronomes are a powerful practice tool for any musician, but am I the only one that gets annoyed of the incessant click? This watch-like metronome silently vibrates, so the performer can feel the tempo, rather than hear it.

Personalized Music Posters from Gliss Prints 

We have a variety of customizable music posters for any music lover. These personalized prints are thoughtful and come in a variety of colors/sizes. We appreciate you reading our blog post! Here's a code for 15% off one order: giftguide2020


Viola - Alto Clef Cookie Cutter

Alto Clef Cookie Cutter

Photo via Alto Clef Gifts - $5

Alto clefs are the most beautiful clef, if you ask me. You'll find treble and bass clef products everywhere, but Alto Clef Gifts is likely the only store that features the elusive clef. They have a HUGE range of products, so check them out! This cookie cutter Alto clef is one of my favorites.

Viola - Brandenberg Concerto Tote Bag

Brandenberg Concerto Tote Bag

Photo via Alto Clef Gifts - $20

Another highlight from the Alto Clef Gifts store! This purple tote has Bach's Brandenberg Concerto No. 6 for Two Violas printed on it. Perfect for carrying around your sheet music.

Violin/Viola/Cello - Poster/Sticker Gift Sets from Inkermezzo

Violin Poster and Sticker

Photo from Inkermezzo - Etsy - $55

Inkermezzo is a store run by fellow musician/artist Megan Chartier. Her illustrations are incredible! She has holiday gift sets available in limited quantities, which include a print and three stickers. This is an elegant, sophisticated gift for the viola, violin, cello player in your life.

 Clarinet - Leather Clarinet Reed Case

Clarinet Reed Holder

Photo from RGD Woodwinds - $165

This super-luxe, leather reed holder will hold up to twelve different reeds. Go from gig to gig in style.

Guitar - Guitar Pic Holder

Guitar Pick Holder

Photo from Lownote Studios - Etsy - $14

You can put up to 15 different guitar picks in this dome holder. This will look great on your studio desk.

Conductor - Custom Conductor Baton Case

Conductor Baton Case

Photo from BenchCrafts - Etsy - $68

Hey, conductors! We didn't forget about you. This wooden baton case comes in several different types of wood (cherry is my favorite) and three sizes. You can also get it engraved!



A full blog post about books for musicians is coming, but here are two that I feel are gift-worthy.

 Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

 Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain - Amazon - $13

We've all heard the story of the man who suddenly acquires incredible piano skills after her was struck by lightening. This book explores this exact phenomenon and also has a host of equally fascinating examples of music's impact on the brain. It could give you some insight on why you personally are drawn to music.

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald Passman

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald Passman

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald Passman - Amazon - $13

This is a must-read for any musician who wants to monetize their music and know their rights as an artist. Reading about the music business end isn't exactly a joy (at least for me), but this book will be helpful in your career.


We love music-related gifts! Do you know of a store that you think we'd be interested in? We'd love to feature them in the future. Email: hello [at] glissprints [dot] com

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